Steven prides himself on his ability to provide his clients with proper planning and sound advice. He is an educator and life transition coach that has helped hundreds of clients navigate through their retirement. This experience has allowed him to become a successful advisor while assisting clients with achieving their financial goals. With Steve’s skill at helping clients feel confident with their investments, he’s been deemed the Financial Bodyguard by many.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys spending time with his 4 children and wife, Micki Boyer. Micki also serves as the Administrative Assistant at Fiscal Fit.


Winning Mr. Universe took Steven years of dedication, sacrifice, and intense focus. He brings this work ethic to all aspects of his life, including your financial future. He’s committed to helping make sure you’re on the right path to a prosperous retirement.


In today’s volatile financial environment, it is critical to have a qualified, independent, unbiased financial professional from a firm with a reputation for integrity and client service. At Fiscal Fit Financial Private Wealth Management, our mission is to simplify the world of finances and help our clients work towards a comfortable retirement.

We understand that every client is different. We work with you to create income strategies around your criteria. We will only recommend a change if there is a problem to fix… and only after there is a clear understanding and comfort level with our recommendation. This allows us to provide the highest quality advice, and service, in many cases at no cost.

Our role is to help empower you to make smart, informed decisions about your financial life – with a firm understanding of the different risks that can jeopardize your life’s savings. We can provide you the education to understand your money, the tools to help protect it, and the experience to guide you through different changes in the world, the economy, and your life. Today, from a planning perspective, we must be more creative. With the challenges facing us, blindly trusting the security of our retirement to these markets is a risky bet.

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